Daily Outfits are Back?

I’ve been thinking I might start shooting pics of my outfits again.  I have been putting a lot of effort into my clothes lately, coming up with new ways to wear pieces I have worn many times before, and taking risks on color combinations.  I might not do it every day the way I used to, but perhaps on occasion when my raiment is worth taking note of, you’ll see it here.

Today is a good example of adventurous color pairing.  I started with a green dress and built outwards.  Deciding to pair it with a yellow gold sweater meant I already had a start on either an analogous color scheme (using yellow-green to fill the gap) or what’s known as a split complement.  In a split complement, instead of wearing the color that is a direct complement you wear the two colors on either side of that complement on the color wheel.  Since I already had the yellow and green, I took the foundation of their split complement, which was red-violet and added it to my outfit through tights and a scarf.

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. I think I could have gone with a more muted sweater and it still would have been a nice look, but I like to be bold now and again.  Some pics are below (excuse the informality of yours truly as the model!)




gold cardi – modcloth
cream, red-violet, and gold scarf – apt 9
green dress – threadless
red-violet tights – welovecolors.com
cognac boots – frye


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