Durham Shows How PRIDE is Done

Hung out at Motorco tonight for several hours of the #DecisionDay party, celebrating the historic ruling by the Supreme Court that to prohibit gay marriage is unconstitutional.

I was so excited about the ruling that I decided the best way I could celebrate was to do what I do best – take pictures.

I bought a bunch of foam core placards from The Scrap Exchange (big shout out to Jeff for helping me) and then bought a bunch of fun colored markers, and then set up shop outside Motorco.

I asked revelers to share with me how they were feeling, or what they were excited about in regards to today’s ruling. I got some great answers, and got to see how my wonderful community responded to such a big moment. Some people made their own signs, and some used signs that others had created, saying “This is exactly how I feel!”

I took a picture of everyone who chose to participate in front of a pride flag with their made or chosen signs. Another big shout out to Tad & Mel for lending me their pride flag to use as a backdrop!

Below are a selection of highlights from the day. To see all the pictures, and to download them, please visit this gallery. Apologies to have to direct you to another link, but my professional webpage prohibits right clicking to download because most of my stuff is copyrighted, so to ensure that everyone will have free and unrestricted access to the images, I have to put them in my Zenfolio gallery instead. To download a photo, click on the photo you want in the gallery, and then click the download button just above the photo when it appears on its own page.

I hope you all enjoy looking at my little record of Durham! I had a great time meeting my fellow community members and getting to celebrate with such a passionate group, and will enjoy looking at these images for years to come as I remember this historic day.

tl;dr –> Full Gallery

June 26, 2015 - 10:43 pm

Celia - Thank you, thank you for capturing a beautiful night! I’m pictured with my friend, Ryan, and I know we’ll treasure this image for a long time. Your kindness and generosity is inspiring!


June 27, 2015 - 10:10 am

Pride & Celebration in Durham » BWPW Photography - […] Had a great time last night celebrating the recent Supreme Court decision to create marriage equality. Check out the pictures I took on a special page I created for #DurmPride here. […]

June 30, 2015 - 10:18 am

admin - Thank you for your kind words, Celia! And for participating in my little photo booth! I just wanted to capture, for myself and for posterity, how our awesome little community reacted to such a historic day. It was a blast meeting everyone and capturing so much happiness!!

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